XPD Knee Pads, Invader Gear, green

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(catalogue number: TOR90)

The XPD Pads are extremely light and flexible, they adapt to the body shape perfectly and are therefore very comfortable to wear.  They offer first class protection and shock absorbtion.  The XPD pads consist of a 1000D nylon sheath with a core of shock absorbing EVA special foam, and a protective plate made of hard plastic.  The innermost surface is lined with Cool Max, increasing wearing comfort.  The quick release (Rapid Deployment Clips) is based on a hook-and-eye principle, the XPD Pads can be removed and secured quickly.  The two fastening straps can be adjusted in length and consist of a highly elastic material that adapts to movements, secured with velcro.  Made of quality materials (original CoolMax, 1000D nylon, etc.).

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