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Bijouterie / bijoux en fer forgé

bijoux en fer forgé

Pendentifs en fer forgé, torques, bracelets...

La Tene Necklaces Celtic Torqueses*Mensurations requises:Dans la dernière étape de votre commande, merci de nous indiquer la circonférence de votre cou (A), et la circonférence du torque que vous voulez (B) - voir le dessin

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VIKING WOLF, bracelet from Burg, Sweden, tin

Le numéro de catalogue: VPE96

Prix: 15.00 €


A Viking bracelet inspired by a real find from the isle of Gotland, Sweden, locality of Burg. Please include the circumference of your wrist in your oder, we will make a bracelet precisely in your size so you can put it on and off easily without bending it. If you need to change the size of the bracelet please do so only above the heads on the ends of the bracelet, otherwise it can break. Also available in sterling silver and bronze.

  • Material: brass plated tin, black finish

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FORK, steel bracelet

Le numéro de catalogue: FPR166

Prix: 25.00 €


FORK Steel BRACELET, yes, originally this was a cutlery item.

  • material steel
  • adjustable and flexible

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BJORNAR, Ax, Pendentif, acier damas

Le numéro de catalogue: FPR239

Prix: 49.00 €


BJORNAR, Axe, Pendant, damascus steel.

  • Height: 4 cm
  • Original jewel
  • Handmade
  • Damascus steel

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SNAKE, hand forged bracelet

Le numéro de catalogue: FPR167

Prix: 19.00 €


Hand Forged Snake Bracelet treated with anticorrosive wax.

  • Diameter: 6.5 cm

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Le numéro de catalogue: BRO65

Prix: 40.00 €


Forged Metal Bracelet.

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MJOLNIR, acier forgé Marteau de Thor, pendentif

Le numéro de catalogue: FGJ152

Prix: 19.00 €


Main forgé le marteau de Thor pour ceux d'entre vous qui préfèrent d'origine - bijoux pas casted. Ce Mjolnir est né dans un incendie à partir du charbon et de l'acier.

  • Taille: 3,5 x 4,5 cm (mesurée sans l'anneau)
  • Le diamètre d'un anneau: 7 mm

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Le numéro de catalogue: BRO12

Prix: 18.00 €


Main en fer forgé Broche cca 6 cm de diamètre.

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Tête de loup, Torque

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ103

Prix: 46.00 €


Brass Wolf Torques with bronze heads, a jewel of ancient kings, heroes, druids and the Gods. It is  designed for comfortable wearing and easily adjustable,  you can simply open and close it. The heads are casted from bronze.

  • material bronze and brass


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ISARNO, forged celtic torques

Le numéro de catalogue: FPR135

Prix: 49.00 €


Hand forged torc - the jewel of the ancient kings, heroes, druids and the Gods. This jewel is designed and adjusted also for comfortable wearing. You can simply open and close it.

  • black finish with oak bark and treated with anti-corrosive lacquer

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TORQUE, FENRIR, loup, laiton

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ143

Prix: 69.00 €


FENRIR Hand Made Brass Torques with Wolf Heads.

  • material brass

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Broche Penannular - feuilles

Le numéro de catalogue: BRO29

Prix: 17.00 €


Main en fer forgé Broche cca 6 cm de diamètre.

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COLLACH, celtic torques, torc, sterling silver

Le numéro de catalogue: SBR283

Prix: 350.00 €


Celtic boar is a symbol of power and men's fertility. Design is taken from Pictish carvings which were found near Dunadd, Scotland. Torc was designed for comfortable wearing. You can adjust the size easily. Material: sterling silver.

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COLLACH, torques en laiton celtique

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ159

Prix: 65.00 €


Celtic boar is a symbol of power and men's fertility. Design is taken from Pictish carvings which were found near Dunadd, Scotland. Torc was designed for comfortable wearing. You can adjust the size easily.

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DRAIG, dragon, Torque, laiton

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ154

Prix: 55.00 €


Draig - is a Welsh name for a Dragon, and it is also our name for this torques. A torc is a necklace from the ancient times, a jewel of kings, warriors and druids. Wear a power of a dragon on your neck :-) Material: brass. Manufactured by Wulflund.

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DREKI, Norse Dragon, torques, lation

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ158

Prix: 53.00 €


DREKI Brass Torques, inspired by Viking art, easily adjustable and comfortable to wear.  Dreki means dragon in old Norse language. In Norse mythology there are several references to dragons. The most common example of a dragon from the Norse myths, is Níðhöggr, who gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasill, the immense mythical ash tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. 

  • material brass

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Hugin et Munin, bracelet vikings en laiton

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ359

Prix: 75.00 €


Beautiful hand twisted brass viking bracelet featuring two raven's heads with garnets. One of our most exclusive products.

In Norse mythology, Huginn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory) are ravens that soar all over the world (Midgard), and bring information to the god Odin. Huginn and Muninn are depicted on many migration period and viking age items including golden bracelets, Vendel era helmet plates and Germanic Iron Age bird-shaped brooches.  Odin’s messengers are linked to shamanic practices.  In skaldic poetry fallen warriors are sometimes referred to as sacrifices to the ravens, as Odin decides who lives and dies in battle.

  • Material brass, garnet
  • Head terminal dimensions 1.1 x 3 cm

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Hugin et Munin, vikings, torque, laiton

Le numéro de catalogue: BHJ360

Prix: 85.00 €


Torque Viking orné de la tête des corbeaux Hugin et Munin en laiton, "tressé" à la main avec de petits grenats pour les yeux.

Pendant la commande, précisez nous la taille de votre tour de cou, vous recevrez un torque à votre taille que vous pourrez mettre et enlever aisément sans changer sa taille.

Dans la mythologie nordique, Hugnin et Munin sont les corbeaux d'Odin, Huginn, la pensée et Muninn, la mémoire. Ils volent au dessus du monde, Midgard, et apportent leurs informations à leur maître.

On les retrouve dépeints sur des casques, des pièces de monnaie (Bracteates) et d'autres supports.

  • Matériau : laiton avec finition noire

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Gáe Bulg, miniature de lance, objet décoratif

Le numéro de catalogue: FPR240

Prix: 39.00 €


Gáe Bulg, damascus steel spear.

The Gáe Bulg (also Gáe Bulga), meaning "spear of mortal pain" iss the name of the spear of Cúchulainn in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. It was given to him by his martial arts teacher, warrior woman Scáthach. It was made from the bone of a sea monster, the Coinchenn, that had died while fighting another sea monster, the Curruid.

  • Height: 4 cm
  • Original item
  • Handmade
  • Damascus steel
  • It is sharp so we sell it as a decorative item

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