RESCUE, Multifunctional Knife

Availability: 1-2 weeks
(catalogue number: TOR378)

RESCUE Automatic Multifunctional Knife for the Emergency forces as well as difficult situations in everyday life. Easy to open with one hand. Includes standard blade, rescue blade, hook for safe cutting of seat belts, hammer for breaking glass, glass knife and belt klip. Tested by the Czech RepublicFire Brigade.

  • material: blades stainless steel 420, handle ABS plastic
  • rescue blade - cuts non standard materials - safety belts, smaller cables, rubber
  • rounded blade end is an important safety fieature
  • triangular hammer for breaking glass with opening for a cord, when the hammer is open the tool is ready for opening fuse boxes and main gass vent boxes
  • roughened handle
  • glass knife with linerlock
  • manufacturer Mikov s.r.o., Czech Republic
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