European Swords, Medieval Martial Arts - Re-enactment and Living History Swords.

Cold weapons from various historical periods intended for historical fencing as well as for collectors and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship. We have a very extensive range of weapons designed by ancient civlilisations such as Celtic and Roman swords and gladiators’ weapons. You may also be interested in swords of the Early Middle Ages: Norman and Viking swords. Our armoury of medieval swords includes one-handed and hand-and-a-half Gothic swords (longswords), cutlasses and two-handed swords. You will also, of course, find cold weapons from later historical periods: rapiers, foils, sabres, backswords, and Scottish weapons. There is also a category devoted to those weapons used for historical medieval battles (HMB).

Historical swrds


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  • Practical Sword - hand and a half

    Catalogue number: MSW18
    Price: $246.46
    Availability: In 1 week
    Battle Ready Hand and a Half Sword with Guard Decorated with Gothic Trefoil. We can deliver the same sword as a single handed replica. Material 54SiCr6 Overall length of the sword 121 cm Blade length 91 cm

    Catalogue number: OSW05
    Price: $417.08
    Availability: 4-6 weeks

    overall length            133 cm
    lenght of the blade      92 cm
    lenght of the handle     33 cm


    Catalogue number: MSW14
    Price: $246.46
    Availability: In stock
    BLUNT One and a Half Handed Sword constructed for historical sword fight. Material hardened 54SiCr6 steel, leather and wood Hardness 52 HRC. Total length 124 cm Blade length 92 cm
  • ONE HAND SWORD with a cupola pommel

    Catalogue number: MSW15
    Price: $246.46
    Availability: In 1 week

    One Handed BLUNT Sword constructed for reenactment.

    • Material: hardened steel, leather and wood
    • Hardness: 52 HRC
    • Total lenght: 100 cm
    • Blade length: 80 cm

    Catalogue number: SWA01
    Price: $45.50
    Availability: In stock
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    UNIVERSAL Brown Leather SWORD HOLSTER for blunt one and one-and-a-half hand swords with two loops to fasten to your belt. Lacing allows adjusting for different blade types. Material genuine leather Overall size 19 x 24 cm RIGHT HANDED

    Catalogue number: MSW11
    Price: $246.46
    Availability: In stock
    One of our most popular Gothic Hand and a Half Swords, BLUNT and constructed for historical fencing - reenactment. Material 54SiCr6 steel, leather and wood Hardened to 52 HRC Total lenght of the sword 120 cm Length of blade 91 cm
  • Saracen Saber - Mamluk falchion

    Catalogue number: RAS11
    Price: $251.51
    Availability: In stock
    Single Handed Mamluk Falchion Sabre or Saracen Falchion, BLUNT for reenactment. Material 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel Hardness 52 HRC Total lenght 80 cm Lenght of blade 63 cm
  • BRENNUS, forged Celtic Sword

    Catalogue number: ASW04
    Price: $315.97
    Price before discount: $319.76
    Availability: 5 weeks
    Forged Hand-hammered SWORD inspired by Celtic antropomorphic swords, blunt and constructed for historical fencing. Brenus was a Celtic chieftain who captured Rome. material forged case hardened steel, leather overall length 79 cm length of blade 65 cm width of guard 10 cm width of blade at the…
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