Full-Tag Swords

Full-Tag Swords

The Middle Ages are not over and continue in our Arma Epona smithy. We have been selling swords for almost sixteen years and we have established a forge to produce them on our own. We have been honing the production process for a long time, gaining knowledge through practice and consultations with experienced swordsmen. We have now reached a stage where we are proud of the result. We managed to achieve a perfect functional design at affordable prices. Thanks to this, our swords are loved by fencing enthusiasts and collectors.

In the new full-tang series, the blade passes in one piece through the guard, the handle and the pommel, where it is riveted. Therefore, there are no further heat treatments that could impair the hardness and strength of the blade. It is a solid foundation, the rest can be modified on request. We decorate the blades with etching and we produce leather sheaths for their protection.

Do you want to know more? Take a look at the video (from the pre-covid period) we have prepared for you. While this is our know-how, it is more important for us that you know exactly the path your sword has taken before it reaches you. The video was made by Daniel Nemirovsky and the music was composed by Vašek Kudlič from the Pilsen doom-metal band Beltaine. Enjoy!


Czech-made medieval swords made for historical fencing as well as for collectors. Time period: Gothic (12th-16th centuries). Replicas of European cold weapons, primarily from the Romanesque and Gothic periods: one-handed swords, hand-and-a-half swords, two-handed swords, cutlasses, archery swords.

New Full-Tang swords made by Czech Arma Epona forge since 2021. Blade in one piece, no welding, historically accurate construction. Video - Sword masters of Arma Epona forge.

Full Tang Swords

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