Musketeer bandolier with a pouch, 17th century

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During the Thirty Years' War the infantry was divided into musketeers and pikemen according to their equipment and method of fighting. A musketeer was equipped with a long rifle - a musket with a breech lock and carried a sword or dagger as a sidearm. The musket is quite heavy, so the musketeer used a furket. Wooden containers called apostols with pre-measured doses of gunpowder were used to dose the musket. The musketeer wore them on a leather bandolier; in addition, a leather pouch for bullets and bullet plugs was suspended from the bandolier or belt.

The bandolier we offer is without the wooden apostles with the bullet pouch.

  • Dimensions of the pouch: 11 x 13 cm
  • Width of the belt: 5 cm
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