Our categories of the swords are (marked by icons in product's detail):

  • BATTLE READY SWORDS - designed for re-enactment / live steel use. With a guarantee against breakage. Generally with a blunt blade. They can also be sharpened on customer's request but then they belong to the category of decorative swords.
  • DECORATIVE SWORDS – are made for display only. They are usually sharp. Don't use them for fighting!
  • STAGE COMBAT SWORDS – swords designed for costume / theatrical usage. These swords have commonly the blade that is not case hardened and we don't offer a quarantee for breakage. These swords cannot be used in re-enactment fights.
  • UNIQUE REPLICAS – the swords we are most proud of. These swords are made in the same way as real weapons. Usually sharp, with many forged parts, well-crafted and decorated. No serial production. Figuratively speaking – you can take this sword to the grave, meaning it is of such a high quality. These swords can not be used in re-enactment fights.

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    European Swords, Medieval Martial Arts - Re-enactment and Living History Swords.

    Cold weapons from various historical periods intended for historical fencing as well as for collectors and connoisseurs of fine craftsmanship. We have a very extensive range of weapons designed by ancient civlilisations such as Celtic and Roman swords and gladiators’ weapons. You may also be interested in swords of the Early Middle Ages: Norman and Viking swords. Our armoury of medieval swords includes one-handed and hand-and-a-half Gothic swords (longswords), cutlasses and two-handed swords. You will also, of course, find cold weapons from later historical periods: rapiers, foils, sabres, backswords, and Scottish weapons. There is also a category devoted to those weapons used for historical medieval battles (HMB). Video - Sword masters of Arma Epona forge.

    Historical swrds