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silver jewels

Hundreds of silver jewellery items in stock, of all shapes and colors. Our replicas of ancient granulated and filigree jewels are true treasures. We have designs that hark back to Great Moravia and classical antiquity, as well as Viking adornments for the adventurous at heart. Time travellers will also surely appreciate our Medieval necklaces and rings with gemstones.
We also have a wide selection of modern jewellery, including some that purely stems from our designers’ imagination, and timeless creations inspired by nature, outer space, and even the contemporary industrial environment. We particularly specialize in jewellery made with enchanting green Czech moldavites.

Sterling silver jewellry - ancient (Celtic and Roman jewellery), medieval (Viking, Dark Ages) and modern (fantasy) necklaces, earrings, pins, bracelets and rings.

We are one of the oldest European shops that sells historical jewelry replicas. After many years of import and export of jewellry we now have our own jewellry workshop (Wulflund Jewelry) and we produce perfect replicas of historical jewellry. Our motto is that a piece of jewellry should have a soul and that our customer will wear such item forever. For these reasons expect from us "The Jewel" whose beauty will never fade.

Production, Export, Import, Custom made production - Wholesale Store.

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pendants - historical jewelry

Viking Celtic Pendants Jewelery | Silver Replicas | Wulflund

You will find all kinds of silver replica jewellery from many different European cultures here. You can compare the artistic styles of, for example, the ancient CeltsEtruscans, and Romans. The Slavs and the Vikings adopted similar artistic styles and techniques, their jewellery has been celebrated as some of Europe’s most beautiful, but let's not forget the Lombards: they also crafted very interesting precious gemstones jewelry during their heyday.

We are especially proud of our wide selection of Thor’s Hammer pendants. We also manufacture medieval, Renaissance and Baroque jewellery. We play with shapes and forms and love to get inspired by historical treasures in order to create truly original designer pieces.

Our jewellers take pride in using the very best materials available and maintaining the highest standards in their work. We believe that high quality jewelry and amulets  possess a soul and we create every piece with the expectation, that the wearers will probably keep theirs on for the rest of their lives. We have become one of the world’s leading producers of historical jewellery reproductions and we are trying to bring well-deserved fame back home to Czech artisans.

earrings - historical jewelry

Earrings - historical jewelry

Historical jewelry - silver, earrings.

bracelets - historical jewelry

bracelets - historical jewelry

Silver bracelets - historical jewelry. Roman, Greek, Celtic, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance.

torcs, necklaces - silver

Torcs, necklaces from silver :: Wulflund

Torcs, necklaces - silver.

rings - historical jewelry

Silver Rings | Celtic Viking | Pagan :: Wulflund

Silver rings with animal (wolf, snake, cat, raven, dragon, etc.) and plant motifs. Celtic, Viking, Medieval.

Mystica silver collection - pendants

Silver Pagan Jewels Celtic Pendants

Original designs inspired by mythology (Celtic and Nordic), nature (animals, the Green Man), fantasy styles (unicorns, wizards, fairies, dragons), Wicca (pentacles), history, and the Far East. This is the right address if you are seeking Pagan jewellery for the 21st century.

We are manufacturers and direct importers of these items and we try to keep most of what we sell constantly in stock. We also offer very attractive wholesale prices to retailers.

Mystica silver collection - earrings

PAGAN Silver Earrings | Celtic, Wicca, Animals, Nature

Silver earrings with animal, nature (leaves) and Celtic motifs: triskeles, Trees of Life, and spirals. You’ll find just what you’ve looking for in our earring selection.

Mystica collection - silver necklaces

CELTIC NECKLACES | sterling silver | Pagan Jewelrz

Silver necklaces with precious or semiprecious gemstones, or without them.

silver jewellery sets

925 Silver Jewellery Sets | Gifts

Gift sets of silver jewellery - earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and necklaces embedded in jewellery boxes make ideal gifts for birthdays, graduations or the birth of a child.

mythology collection, ancient cultures

Mythology Jewellery| silver | Greek, Roman, Egypt

Silver jewellery inspired by the culture and mythology of the powerful ancient empires: ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, and Persia. Pendants of the Gods, sacred animals and symbols.

art nouveau jewels

Art Nouveau Silver Jewels | Czech, Prague, Mucha, Mackintosh

Art Nouveau (Sezession, Jugendstil). Art Nouveau really showcased ornamentalism, and luxuriated in natural colors and forms. Our Art Nouveau jewellery is inspired by several of the different streams that flowed into this movement. For example, we draw upon Czech Art Nouvau  (secesse), whose most famous representative was Alfons Mucha, as well as Scottish Art Nouveau as developed by the architect and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 - 1928) who was the most famous representative of British Art Nouveau. Mackintosh primarily worked in Glasgow, where he founded the collaborative artists’ group  “The Four” which was influential in the “Glasgow School” movement. Art Nouveau was also influenced by industrialism and Japanese design.

nautical silver jewelry

Nautical silver jewelry | Diving | Fishing jewels Sea

The Nautilus collection of silver jewellery will excite anyone who loves the water. Fishermen will be delighted by silver fish pendants. We have a wide selection of jewellery that relates to diving, the sea (lighthouses, sea creatures, sharks) and to yachting (boats,tillers).

zodiac, silver pendants

Zodiac signs | silver - astral, pendants, necklaces

Silver pendants representing astrological signs will probably never go out of style and can’t be left out of our collection. We find their origin some 3000 years back in the Babylonian Empire, then there was a great expansion of zodiac symbolism in the Hellenistic period. The Romans then adopted this system and we have inherited it from them.

filigree and granulated replica jewels

Viking, Medieval Jewelry | Museum Replicas Filigree Granulated

Museum Silver Replica Jewelry - Byzantine and Migration Period Jewelry, Medieval and Slavic jeweld, Antique Jewelry, Roman Empire Jewelry.

Filigree and granulation are some of the oldest goldsmithing techniques. The techniques used are twisting silver or golden wires (Latin: filum) and soldring tiny beads made from the same precious metal onto the surface of the piece of jewellery. This is a very complicated technique that relatively few jewellers in any one culture have ever mastered. The basic methods were developed by ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Etruscans. Filigree and granulated jewellery remained popular in the Roman empire, was also eagerly sought after by the Anglo-Saxons, Slavs and Vikings, and remained popular throughout the Middle Ages. We still utilize these authentically ancient goldsmithing techniques to make our own models which will bring a little of this history home to you.

Manufactures, exporters - check our Wholesale prices.

historical brooches, silver

historical brooches, silver
Historical silver brooches - medieval brooches, viking turtle brooches.
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