Athenian tetradrachm, replica

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The tetradrachm (Greek: τετράδραχμον) was an ancient Greek silver coin in circulation between 510 and 38 BC. The Athenian tetradrachm was used in payment throughout the ancient Greek world. Silver for coinage was obtained by Athens through the ownership of silver mines. The most famous were the silver mines of Laurium.

Athenian tetradrachms had the head of the Goddess Athena embossed on the obverse. The reverse featured an image of Athena's owl, an olive branch and a crescent moon.

A large number of these tetradrachms were used, for example, in the reconstruction of the Acropolis, the construction of the Parthenon or in the financing of many wars. Including the Peloponnesian War. With the troops of Alexander the Great, they spread to the territory of today's Iran and India.

  • Material: zinc

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