Athenian Tetradrachm, silver Coin, replica

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Pallas Athena is the daughter of the supreme Greek God Zeus. Athena is the Goddess of wisdom, war, art, law, and justice. She is often accompanied by an owl, the symbol of wisdom and the emblem of the city of Athens.

The Tetradrachm (Greek: τετράδραχμον) was an ancient Greek silver coin in circulation from 510 BCE to 38 BCE. Athenian Tetradrachms were used as currency throughout the ancient Greek world. Athens obtained the silver for minting coins through the ownership of silver mines, with the Laurium silver mines being the most famous.

The obverse of the Athenian Tetradrachms featured the image of the Goddess Athena. On the reverse side, there was an image of Athena's owl, an olive branch, and a crescent moon.

A large number of these Tetradrachms were used, for example, in the reconstruction of the Acropolis, the construction of the Parthenon, and the funding of many wars, including the Peloponnesian War. With the armies of Alexander the Great, they spread to the territories of present-day Iran and India.

  • Material: Silver 925
  • Size: 2.3 cm in diameter
  • Weight: approximately 7g

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