Czechoslovak Legion, coat of arms, key ring, zinc

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The almost iconic symbol of the Czechoslovak Legions is this coat of arms, also known as the „combined legionary coat-of-arms“. This motif combines the coats of arms of the historical Czech lands, i.e. Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, to which it also adds the coat of arms of Slovakia. However, the origin of the coat of arms worn by Czechoslovak legionaries on their caps and M15 Adrian helmets is unclear – the original graphic design (or the drawings that inspired it) was probably made by the painter František Kupka, who served in the Czechoslovak Legions in France. In its material form (although slightly different from the final design), the motif of the combined coat of arms first appeared on the design of the Czechoslovak War Cross 1918, which was prepared by the Czech painter Emil Purghart. It is not yet clear who finally modified the coat of arms into the final form we know from the helmets and caps of the legionaries.

  • Size: 3.2 x 3.9 cm
  • Material: zinc

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