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Jewellery / chakra, reiki

chakra, reiki

Chakra and Reiki sterling silver jewels with gemstones.

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Anahata Heart Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant

Catalog number: CAK07

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Anahata - The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, the chakra of love and forgiveness. It connects the physical and spiritual chakra. This silver talisman concerns all forms of love and forgiveness.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.3 x 3 cm
  • Weight cca 5 g  

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AUM, sterling silver pendant, Ag 925

Catalog number: FTJ107

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OM Symbol SILVER Pendant. Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual icon in Hindu religion. It is also a mantra in other Eastern Religions and spiritual practices.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size approx. 2.3 cm in diameter
  • Weight approx. 8 g

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Symbols Of Femininity, silver and gold plated pendant, Ag 925

Catalog number: CAK01

Your Price: 72.00 €


Symbol Of Femininity, silver and gold plated pendant with amethyst.

  • Material sterling silver 
  • Size circa 4 cm
  • Weight cca 12 g

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Om Ganesh, silver pendant with amethyst, Ag 925

Catalog number: CAK11

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Ganesha is a widely worshiped God in the Hindu pantheon.

  • Material sterling silver, amethyst
  • Size about 4 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight 8.6 g

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SILVER BUDDHA, pendant with gems, Ag 925

Catalog number: CAK02

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Buddha with the seven chakras. Silver pendant with the colors of the seven chakras.

  • Seventh chakra: violet - amethyst
  • Sixth Chakra: dark blue - ijolit
  • Fifth Chakra: light blue - topaz
  • Fourth Chakra: green - glass
  • Third Chakra: yellow - citrine
  • Second chakra: orange - hessonit
  • First Chakra: red - almandine
  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.8 x 4 cm
  • Weight cca 5 g

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HAPPY BUDDHA, silver pendant, Ag 925

Catalog number: CAK06

Your Price: 29.00 €


Happy Buddha is a traditional symbol of happiness and satisfaction. Brings material wealth, happiness and joy.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 3 x 1.7 cm
  • Weight 4.2 g

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Catalog number: CAK09

Your Price: 39.00 €

  • Material sterling silver and amethyst
  • Size 2 x 1.4 cm
  • Weight of pair 3 g

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Sahasrara Crown Chakra Silver Pendant Ag 925

Catalog number: CAK10

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The Sahasrara is, according to Hindu tradition, the seventh primary Chakra which is placed above the head crown.
  • Material sterling silver, amethyst
  • Size approx. 2.5 cm in diameter

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