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Magic / magical oils / Heresy, Pagan Occult Essence

Heresy, Pagan Occult Essence

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Heresy - a deep, dark, smoky resinous essence with hints of florals.

It is an essnce made with only the finest natural essential oils and ingredients, that are blended into a base of fermented alcohol and bottled in a handmade Czech glass vial with an atomizer.

What is heresy? Is heresy when we blaspheme, as is it often interpreted today, or is it in the ancient sense of the word when we turn and go our own way, carving our own path through life and refusing to conform?

Imagine ancient sects meeting in secret to study the more obscure laws of the universe, the arcane, the esoteric and the occult. The temple hall is shrouded in flickering shadows and dancing candle light and filled with the heavy scent of incense and smoke. It’s walls are covered in ancient symbols that were unknowingly ripped from the collective unconscious or the fabric of the universe itself by someone somewhere and now are used to teach the followers the language of secrets. The damp darkness and the mingling energies lend an extraordinary soil for curious plants, mosses and funghi to take root and bathe in the smoke of burnt offerings of fresh flowers, precious woods and rare resins.

This is Heresy. It is to dare. It is freedom. And it is what this essence is trying to capture. The deep and dark base of resins and precious woods - myrrh, frankincense, labdanum, copal, dragon’s blood, sandalwood and amyris - burned at an altar adorned with fresh jasmine, rose and honeysuckle flowers. It captures the almost narcotic feel of being entranced, in ritualistic ecstasy of discovering new layers to the universe.

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Heresy, Pagan Occult Essence
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