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Replica of a Celtic tetradrachm.

Celtic tetradrachms, coins valued at four drachms, reflected the wealth and culture of the Celtic civilization. These coins were minted in areas such as Central Europe and the British Isles. Their motifs depicted significant figures - chieftains, warriors, Gods, or symbols associated with nature (sun, horses).

The historical province of Noricum, in present-day Austria and parts of Slovenia, was a center of Celtic activity. Its coins provide insights into the economy, trade, and political relations of the Celtic world. Noricum was a strategic region with wealth, reflected in the artistic elements of Celtic coins.

These tetradrachms served not only as currency but also expressed Celtic tribal identity and values. Studying these coins provides an understanding of trade routes and contacts between Celtic tribes and the Roman Empire. Overall, Celtic coins and Noricum provide important information about Celtic culture and trade relations of the time, enriching our knowledge of this period.

  • Made of zinc
  • Approximately 2.8 cm in diameter
  • Own production
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