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Trafalgar or the Anatomy of a Naval Battle is 496 pages long with many black and white illustrations (period paintings, portraits, maps, diagrams). The subject is the Battle of Cape Trafalgar, Spain, fought on 21 October 1805 between the 33 ships of the Franco-Spanish fleet of Admiral Villeneuve and the 27 British ships of the line of Admiral Nelson, who was killed there. It is one of the largest and most famous naval engagements in history. The work truly deserves the subtitle Anatomy of a Naval Battle. It depicts Trafalgar based on the accounts of many eyewitnesses from admirals and captains to ordinary crew members of all nationalities involved. It also looks at the principles of sailing ship combat tactics, manoeuvres, gunnery and the voyage itself. It describes everything that preceded the battle from the Allied fleet's escape through the complex voyage to the Caribbean and back, the clash at Cape Finisterre, to the punctuation mark of Trafalgar, the Battle of Cape Ortegal. It also answers the question of whether Admiral Villeneuve actually foiled Napoleon's plans to invade England.

Author Jiří Kovařík is an award-winning historian, non-fiction author and translator. He has devoted numerous books to the Napoleonic and Coalition Wars.

  • Hardcover.
  • 496 pages.
  • Black and white illustrations.
  • ISBN 978-80-87057-05-6

This book is in Czech only!

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