VEGVÍSIR - Icelandic compass, earrings and pendant, silver

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Vegvísir, ("the one that shows the way") Icelandic magical symbol. A text describing it explains its meaning as follows: "If someone carries this sign, they will never lose their way in a storm or bad weather, even if the path is unknown."


Material: 925 Silver Size: 3.5 cm Weight approx. 10 g Inner diameter of the loop: approx. 4x5 mm


Material: 925 Silver Size: 2.4 cm Weight approx. 6 g/pair

Vegvísir is part of traditional Icelandic folklore and magic. One of the first mentions of Vegvísir appears in a book called "Galdrabók," an Icelandic magical text dating back to the 17th century. Galdrabók contains various magical formulas and symbols, including Vegvísir.

Overall, it can be said that Vegvísir is deeply rooted in Icelandic cultural heritage and magic.

Vegvísir is designed to provide assistance in navigation and ensure that the wearer does not get lost, especially in challenging conditions such as storms or unknown territories. It is now a symbol of navigation and protection.

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