VESSEL, Bohemia, Celtic graphite pottery, replica

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Replica of graphite ceramics.

  • Height: 10.5 cm
  • Diameter: 10 cm
  • Made with period technology in South Bohemia

Graphite (sintered) ceramics are quite typical for the Celts from the younger Iron Age and are often found in oppida and settlements in Central Europe. Discoveries from more distant locations, where graphite deposits are absent, indicate that it was a fashionable item and the subject of lively trade. One of the places where it was abundantly produced is the area around Český Krumlov in South Bohemia and in Chrudim.

Graphite gives ceramics a magically black color, and the properties of hardness are also attributed to ceramics. This results in high water resistance, high heat resistance, and resistance to thermal shocks. Graphite ceramics are less porous, fire-resistant, retain heat better, and are suitable for direct cooking over an open flame. The outer walls of Latène graphite ceramics are often roughened by continuous grooving.

Discoveries of graphite ceramics are known from the oppidum Stradonice near Beroun and Třísov near Český Krumlov in Bohemia (Czech Republic).

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