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Reconstitution, accessoire / craftsman tools, acessory

craftsman tools, acessory

Craftsman tools and acessories for re-enactors. Tools, needles, waxed thread.

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Forged Leathercraft Tool I

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT7

Prix: 17.00 €

Hand forged leathercraft tool that you can use since Iron Age. Size approx. 14 cm.

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Forged Leathercraft Tool II

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT8

Prix: 17.00 €

Hand forged leathercraft tool that you can use since Iron Age. Size approx. 14 cm.

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LUCET for cordmaking or braiding

Le numéro de catalogue: DSP64

Prix: 9.00 €


A lucet is a tool used in cordmaking or braiding which is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods. The lucet was used to create cords that were used on clothing, or to hang items from the belt.

  • Size: 5 x 14 cm.


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1 Meter of HEMP ROPE, 10 mm

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT9

Prix: 1.00 €

HEMP ROPE is universal accessory for many purposes of your re-enactment.

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HEMP ROPE, 8 mm, 1 m

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT14

Prix: 1.00 €


Hand made rope. 8 mm in diameter.

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Medieval Blacksmith Blower

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT15

Prix: 120.00 €


Size approx. 45 x 18 cm, 5 cm high.

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Stitching Horse Bench

Le numéro de catalogue: DSP49

Prix: 295.00 €


A fully functional Stitching Horse Bench. This bench will be delivered in a dismantled state.


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Le numéro de catalogue: FPR157

Prix: 25.00 €


Useful accessory for a mintage. Put the steel thorn in a wooden log and your anvil is prepared for a mintage. Size: 5.2 cm in a diameter, 7 cm height.

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Le numéro de catalogue: CFT12

Prix: 1.20 €


100 % cotton slow matchlock. 8 mm diameter. Price is for 1 m.

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COTTON ROPE, 4.5 mm, 20 m

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT13

Prix: 8.50 €


For various purposes. The pack includes 20 m of cotton rope.

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WICK 4 mm, 1 m

Le numéro de catalogue: CFT03

Prix: 1.00 €

WICK for oil lamps. Overall length is 1 m, width 4 mm. If you put in a shopping cart two or more pieces, it means that we will send you required length (without cutting).

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