AXE of Chod Patrollers 17th century, Bohemia

2-3 weeks
(catalogue number: APW850)

The Chodové - Chods live in western Bohemia. During the medieval period, the monarchy of the Kingdom of Bohemia recruited their ancestors from the Carpathian Mountains to serve as guards along the borders between Bohemia and Bavaria from possible Bavarian expansion into Bohemia. Chodové were free people, only the king was above them. They traveled widely throughout the mountains of Šumava as part of their unique charge and rare freedom, often using these axes. They bred special dogs to help accomplish this goal - especially the Bohemian Shepherd (or Chodský pes) which some sources suggest is ancestral to the modern German Shepherd. For over three  centuries, the terms of the Chodové agreement with the Bohemian monarchy held until the late 17th century when a German aristocrat W. M. Laminger von Albenreuth, declared the agreement void - seeking to contain and undermine the autonomy of Chodové. The Chodové revolted in 1695.

  • Overall length: 161 cm
  • Head of the axe: 21 cm
  • Blade length: 14.3 cm
  • Blade: sharp
  • Made by Arma Epona forge