FERN, silver pendant with Moldavite

2-3 weeks
(catalogue number: MLD7454)

Jewellery like from a fairy tale - like from moss and fern with first-class Czech Moldavite. Made in a Czech goldsmith's workshop by a jeweller who has been making jewellery made of goldsmith's wax for many years.

Raw South Bohemian Moldavite as a pendant (silver). Each pendant is original, you will have a unique piece that will be similar in style and size to the picture. Upon your request, we will email you a photo of the stock pieces before shipping.

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a pedigree that has a history in Bohemia, this is it. The origin of the Moldavites is linked to a meteorite fall 15 million years ago in the Bavaria area, followed by a meteor shower, a large part of which landed in the lake areas in southern Bohemia, where they are still found today. They are the most beautiful tektites in the world, standing out for their green colour and surface.

  • Material silver 925, moldavite
  • Size of the stone in the picture 35 mm
  • Weight of silver 3g

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