Gebo - rune amulet zinc old brass

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Gebo - literally "gift", esoteric meaning"honorable exchange, sacrifice, sacred marriage". The main content of this rune includes: gifts, giving, receiving, trade, sacrifice, the process of exchange, balance, compensation, the law of reciprocity, altruism, generosity, hospitality and honor. Gebo rules:

  • The magic of sex
  • Mystical unions and "sacred marriage" between partners
  • Understanding the true meaning of giving and commitment
  • Giving of self
  • Harmony between siblings and lovers
  • Demonstrating service to someone, attachment, duty, debt and the performance of an oath

Gebo is perhaps one of the most frequently occurring runes in popular culture (in English). Whenever the word "X-mas" (Christmas) is uttered in English, people subconsciously use the symbol of this rune. In (not only) Nordic culture there are frequent references to the fact that "everything costs something". Behind every decision we make is the acceptance of one reality and the simultaneous sacrifice or surrender of another.

  • Cast in zinc and plated
  • Dimensions 2,2 x 4,5 cm
  • Weight: cca 20g

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