ISA - Rune Pendant ant. brass

In stock 5 - 10 pcs
(catalogue number: RUN474)

Isa – Literally "ice", esoteric meaning "stasis, stillness". Rune of concentration of things in a static or frozen state. Rune of stillness and the Ego-self. It governs:

  • Development of concentration, will and focus
  • Halting of unwanted dynamic forces as an act of self-defense (ard against demonic influences)
  • Basic ego integration within a balanced multiversal system
  • Power of control and constraint over other wights (entities), emotional outbursts
  • Focus of the will into single-minded action

Although ice generally shows itself as it is, with little glamor, there is little so treacherous as a weak spot in the ice, that will swallow the unwary with surprising swiftness, and soon enough leave hardly a trace. The hidden part of an iceberg, which represents 90% of its bulk, can remain hidden and gut a ship with little mercy. This rune is yet another rune that represents an aspect of the harshness of reality.

Isa will control and quiet emotional distress, but be wary! It will not eliminate any persistent root cause of unpleasant circumstance. But it can help in extending stillness into your aura. Isa is particularly useful in attaining stillness of presence.

  • Material: zinc
  • Size: 2.5 x 3 cm