SVAROG, Slavic Sun God, statue

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Svarog is the son of Rod, the Sun God, the Father of our Universe and everything in it. The Blacksmith of the Heavens. He created all of the other gods from the sparks of white flame from the Alatir stone. He is the creator and the guardian of the sacred fire and is believed to be connected to the hearth of every house. The symbol of Svarog was the spinning wheel (kolovrat), Slavic svastika (the symbol of Sun) with eight  prongs.

Tuesday was the day dedicated to Svarog, his place in the cult was the hearth, which is where most of the ceremonies celebrating Svarog were held. Certainly the most important were the ones celebrated around christmas (BozicSvarozic), during the winter solstice: in honor of Svarog, Slavs would put a bunch of oak tree branches (so-called 'badnjak')- which represented the spirits of the ancestors- on the hearth and there the ghosts would fan the flames of the Sun.  Also, priests would bake big cakes, symbols of a fruitful year, behind which they would 'hide', wishing for the believers to have the same big cakes next year too. Many different fetishes connected to the cult of Svarog  were used as a deffence against spells, for example shoulder bones of animals would be burried in the anthills and used for divination. Among the animals, eagle was concidered to be representing Svarog, and his plants  were wheat, hazelnut tree, walnut tree and vine. Festivals and carnevals were held in his honour. Svarog was celebrated in the weeks between christmas eve and shrovetide. Being the most powerful of all Gods, he had the sovereignty over the entire heavens: Svarga, the Sun, the Moon, the rainbow and the stars.

About sculptures:

These figurines are the original work of Serbian sculptor Jovan Petronijevic and they are a part of the unique chess set inspired by Slavic mythology, but you can have them separately, as a beautiful and original souvenir. Made of resin, hand painted and patinated, 13 cm high. Each has it's own original packaging.

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