Viking Ear Spoon by Björkö

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(catalogue number: BHR23)

A replica of a Viking ear spoon from the island of Adelsö. Here you can buy a faithfully crafted replica of a Viking ear spoon that was made after the discovery from the island of Adelsö.

This Viking ear spoon features a decorative knot motif that ends in a Borre style animal head with an ear spoon handle in the mouth and dates from the 9th century.

Among the Vikings, ear spoons were an important part of women's costumes and are therefore found in various designs everywhere in the Viking settlement areas.

Viking women often wore these earlobes on a long chain or leather strap attached to the brooch of a bowl, and often tweezers and awls were also attached to the earlobe in this way.

The Adlesö ear spoon measures 7 x 1.5 cm and thus corresponds to the original dimensions of the historical model.
Made of bronze.

The island of Adelsö is located in the middle of Sweden's Lake Mälaren, near the island of Björkö, and in Viking times it was the seat of the royal court from which neighbouring Birka ruled.

More than 3,000 Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age finds have been recorded on Adelsö, but most of them date back to the Viking Age, making the island a true archive of prehistory.