VLK - Werewolf KUDLAK, knife for Bushcraft

In stock 3 - 4 pcs
(catalogue number: KNI471)

The wolf knife, a sharp functional knife that also has a face - this time a wolf one. It will delight you as a hunter or as an original gift.

  • Overall length: 25
  • Blade length: 12 cm
  • Material thickness: 5mm
  • Material: spring steel CSN 14 260 (54SiCr6)
  • Production: forge Arma Epona, Czech Republic
  • Together with this knife you can order a leather sheath


Spring steel 14 260 (54SiCr6) has a carbon content of around 0.6%, which guarantees excellent flexibility and strength. It is suitable for blades of throwing knives, machetes and swords.


The name Kudlak has its origin in the religion of the ancient Slavs. Not only in pagan times, but also in later times the Slavs often believed in werewolves. According to the epic The Words of Igor's Regiment, Prince Všeslav turned into a wolf at night. The hero of the Serbian songs, the Fire Wolf Dragon, turns into a wolf, and the Old Serbian Codex of 1262 says that werewolves cause eclipses of the sun and moon, reminiscent of the Norse Fenri.

The Kudlak is a dark and evil werewolf from Slovenia against whom Kresnik, a person gifted with supernatural powers, fought. Kresnik's soul left his body in his sleep often in the form of an animal, and he fought nightly battles with phantoms and Kudlak, meant to ward off evil spells and protect crops.

The knife is made in our Arma Epona forge in the Czech Republic and the emphasis on quality is as if we were making the knife for ourselves. Our knife designs - throwing knives - are in the collections of many great throwers and we are proud to say that we have not let them down.