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  • PERUN, T-Shirt, colour, Naav

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    Perun is the mightiest of all Slavic Gods, invincible warrior, the creator of thunder and lightning. He maintains order in the Universe, grants victory in battle and protects the state and its rulers. Of all the Gods, he has the closest relationship with the mankind, and as a very powerful God…

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    • Detailed design
    • Quality print
    • Gildan T-shirt (US company)
    • Printed in the Czech Republic
  • COLLACH, Celtic Boar, bracelet, brass

    Catalogue number: BHJ184
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    Collach Brass Bracelet with Pictish Boars. The design is inspired by the rock carvings in Scotland (Dunadd) created by the Picts sometime during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval periods. Boar was revered, especially by the Celts, for its strength, perseverance and courage.
  • FENRIR, Viking Wolf Bracelet, brass

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    Brass Viking Wolf Bracelet. The design is inspired by a bracelet found in Burg, the isle of Gotland, Sweden, the head terminals are based on the terminals of the Wolf's Cross from Iceland. A beautiful piece of art reflecting history. Material: brass Size of the head: approx. 20 × 10 × 10 mm
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