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The Thoth Tarot was drawn by artist Frieda Lady Harris under the guidance of the famous occultist Aleister Crowley. Although Lady Harris had very little knowledge of the Tarot and its symbolism, she brought all the nuances into the paintings with great sensitivity. Many of the cards were painted in several versions until they finally met Crowley's approval. For this current new edition, revisions and minor adjustments have again been made to the pictorial data in order to be as faithful as possible to the original paintings. In addition, individual card titles have been corrected (in some language versions) and the booklet - with Aleister Crowley's original interpretive texts - has been revised and expanded.

  • THOTH TAROT by Frieda Harris and Aleister Crowley is the most important tarot deck next to A.E. Waite's Tarot
  • Revised pictorial data adapted to the original paintings
  • Revised and expanded booklet
  • Partially re-translated card names
  • 3 sizes available - Deluxe - Standard - Pocket (English editions)

Booklet with approximately 96 pages, 78 cards (103 x 70 mm), February 2024

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