Dungeons & Lasers: Grand Stronghold - The Heart of your Kingdom

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(catalogue number: ARCH19)

The Dungeons & Lasers: Grand Stronghold - The Heart of your Kingdom set contains 317 plastic parts, including walls, floors, balustrades, roof and stairs to build a grand castle. The room and corridor system is modular and the included connecting pieces make it possible to rebuild rooms or corridors to suit your game's individual needs!

 The product is an excellent addition to liven up your fantasy role-playing games (the entire Dungeons and Lasers product series is DnD 5th Edition compatible).

 Due to the 28mm scale, the kit is also suitable for terrain conversions for many fantasy wargaming games or for diorama creation.

 The model is not pre-painted - it require cleaning, painting and occasional gluing. Modeling tools, glue and paints are not included.

Box contains:

- 27x long floor
- 31x regular floor
- 27x long wall
- 54x regular wall
- 23x doorways
- 119x trims
- 10x regular roof piece
- 2x concave roof piece
- 10x convex roof piece
- 4x fill wall
- 5x long balustrade
- 10x regular balustrade
- 2x stone stairs
- 4x wooden stairs
- 144x various clips
- 256x pegs

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