ERIC BLOODAXE, Northumbria, year 952 Replica Viking Coin, Zinc

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Reproduction of a Viking ruler coin from England and Ireland. In this case it is SIHTRIC II. (939-941), Northumbira.

  • Diameter: 2 cm
  • Own production, discounts for larger quantities

Erik the Blood Ax (Norwegian: Eirik Blodøks) was a Norwegian king from about 930–34, ruler of Orkney and probably King of Jórvík (York).

His epithet is explained in the sagas by the fact that he killed his half-brothers in the struggle for power over the whole of Norway or that he was the king of the invaders.

Erik would be the son of his father Harald I, who handed over power to him during his lifetime. After his death, Erik took over the rule of the whole country. He was at odds with his brothers and killed four of them, starting with Bjørn Farmann and later Olaf Haraldsson and Sigrød Haraldsson at the Battle of Tønsberg.

As a result of Erik's ruthless rule, he was deposed and fled the country when the Norwegian nobles proclaimed his half-brother Haakon I as king. According to the Icelandic sagas, Erik then settled in Orkney, where he ruled for many years.

His wife was Gunnhild Gormsdóttir, she was often described as a witch.

After Erik, Gunnhild and her sons took refuge with the Danish king Harald Bluetooth. Erik's sons became the rulers of Norway. However, in 971 Jarl Haakon Sigurdsson, with the help of Harald Bluetooth, arranged the murder of one of the sons, Harald II, and the others fled to Orkney with their mother.

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