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filigree and granulated replica jewels

Museum Silver Replica Jewelry - Byzantine and Migration Period Jewelry, Medieval and Slavic jeweld, Antique Jewelry, Roman Empire Jewelry.

Filigree and granulation are some of the oldest goldsmithing techniques. The techniques used are twisting silver or golden wires (Latin: filum) and soldring tiny beads made from the same precious metal onto the surface of the piece of jewellery. This is a very complicated technique that relatively few jewellers in any one culture have ever mastered. The basic methods were developed by ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Greeks, and Etruscans. Filigree and granulated jewellery remained popular in the Roman empire, was also eagerly sought after by the Anglo-Saxons, Slavs and Vikings, and remained popular throughout the Middle Ages. We still utilize these authentically ancient goldsmithing techniques to make our own models which will bring a little of this history home to you.

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Catalog number: FGJ34

Your Price: 50.00 €


One of the few Thor´s hammers available on the internet, that are not made by casting but completely hand crafted, method of fiilgree was used.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 3 x 2,5 cm

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Catalog number: FGJ108

Your Price: 55.00 €


Replicas of Sterling Silver ROMAN EMPIRE EARRINGS with Carnelian, the original artefact dating back to the 2nd-3rd century CE. On request we can set the earrings with hessonite, a honey coloured type of garnet. Ancient Romans and Indians frequently used hessonite as they believed it averts evil.

  • Material sterling silver, carnelian, hessonite
  • Size approx. 3.6 cm
  • Weight approx. 5 g/pair

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WILD BOAR TUSK, silver 925, granulation

Catalog number: FGJ103

Your Price: 67.00 €


WILD BOAR TUSK talisman. The silver crown is handcrafted using the ancient technique of granulation which is thought to have its origins in Sumer about 5,000 years ago. The method was made famous by Etruscans living in present-day Italy, in part due to the mysteries surrounding the process of covering a surface in granules of precious metal.

  • Material sterling silver, a boar tusk
  • Average length approx. 6-7 cm
  • Average weight (depending on the tusk) 25 g

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BATTERSEA, luxury Brythonic jewel inspired by the find, gemstones, silver 925, 11 g

Catalog number: FGJ116

Your Price: 65.00 €


A luxurious silver Celtic pendant inspired by the ornaments of the so-called Battersea shield, found in the river Thames (England). The jewel may be worn by both men and women, its symbolism is clear - protection against everything of low energy in order for the soul and body to remain pure.

The Battersea Shield is one of the most significant Celtic art artefacts found in Britain. It is a bronze covering of originally a wooden shield, decorated in La Téne style.

  • Material: sterling silver, garnet - almandine
  • Size: 3.5 cm
  • Weight approx. 13 g

Battersea Shield Jewel Sutton Hoo

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BOAR TUSK NECKLACE, original granulation, Ag 925

Catalog number: SBR210

Your Price: 115.00 €


This Boar Tusk pendant represents the strength of the Carpathian wild boars (the origin of these boar tusks). It is created using an ancient method of real granulation, the technique that is thought to have its origins in Sumer about 5,000 years ago, and using the filigree metalwork which archeologists think is part of jelewery making since 3,000 BCE. Let the Gods and Mother Nature protect you.

  • Material: sterling silve, a pair of boar tusks
  • Weight of silver: approx. 4 g
  • Size: approx. 5 x 6.5 cm

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VIKING LUNULA, Birka, Sweden

Catalog number: FGJ48

Your Price: 68.00 €


Pseudo-Granulated Silver Viking Lunula from Birka, Sweden, circa 1050 CE.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Weight approx. 9.8 g
  • Size approx. 2.9 x 3.5 cm

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CLAW MJOLNIR, silver 925, 10 g

Catalog number: FGJ36

Your Price: 115.00 €


Thor's Hammer from Hedeby, German-Danish border area, the 10th century, in a shape of a predator or dragon claw. Pseudo-Granulation.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Weight circa 10.8 g
  • Size circa 3 x 4.4 cm

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VIKING DRAGON, silver pendant, 14 g

Catalog number: FGJ57

Your Price: 115.00 €


Large and heavy Silver Viking Pendant (pseudo-filigree and pseudo-granulated).

  • Material sterling silver
  • Weight circa 14 g
  • Size 3.5 x 4.3 cm

Viking Jewellery Jewelry Silver, Granulation, Jelling Style, Gullinbursti
Replica of Silver Viking Pendant - DRAGON TALISMAN

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Catalog number: FGJ61

Your Price:  89.00 €  66.00 €


No piece of jewellery is ordinary and the most valuable of them should fulfill at least the following criteria: high quality of craftsmanship, careful choice of materials and an original and interesting design. We dare say this jewel meets them all and has even more. It contains history and a soul that has been infused into it around the year 1000 CE on the Baltic island of Gotland (Sweden), where the pendant was crafted as a part of a large necklace.

Archaeologists believe the silver used for the necklace was imported from the Slavic countries and the crystals from Persia (Basra) or the Alpine areas, Persia being a more likely place of origin. Crystal is a symbol of nobility, purity and magical beauty. Time passes but in this case the beauty remains. This piece will be appreciated by women whether they are deeply interested in history or not, moreover, it will never succumb to fashion trends.

  • Material: crystal and sterling silver
  • Weight of silver: approx. 8 g
  • Overall weight: cca 20 g
  • Size: approx. 2.6 x 3.2 cm
  • Cast granulation
  • The chain is not included

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Catalog number: FGJ104

Your Price: 73.00 €


A pair of silver earrings. A necklace from Visby, Gotland, Sweden (approx. 1000 CE) served as an inspiration for this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. These earrings are one of our most prestigious products. Each crystal ball is fitted with a silver belt with cast granulation. We have selected the highest quality crystals.

  • Material: crystal and sterling silver
  • Diameter of crystals: 1.4 cm
  • Height without hook: approx. 2 cm
  • Weight: 7.1 g

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LADA, Slavic pendant inspirated by IX. century Moravian finds, Ag 925

Catalog number: FGJ122

Your Price: 45.00 €


The Great Moravia Empire inspired jewel. Lada is Slavic Goddess of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty. The Price is per item without a gemstone. YOU CAN SELECT A GEMSTONE FROM OUR OFFER - 7 mm cabochon.

  • Material: silver 925
  • Size: 3.3 cm in a diameter
  • Weight: 5,9 g

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LADA, silver slavic earrings, Ag 925

Catalog number: FGJ138

Your Price: 42.00 €


Silver Slavic earrings inspired by an art style of the Moravia Magna Empire (9th century) and the symbolism of Lada, the Slavic Goddess of harmony, merriment, youth, love and beauty. These earrings can be also used in a set with our Lada necklace.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 1.5 x 3.5 (4.7 cm with hooks)
  • Weight 8 g/pair

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LUNITSA, Great Moravian Empire, IX. Century, Replica, silver 925

Catalog number: FGJ113

Your Price: 29.00 €


A replica of an old Slavic jewel - Lunitsa (also Lunula or Luneta). Casted granulation and filigree. The original was found near the town of Staré Město (Old Town), the Great Moravian Empire (first state of Western Slavs), today the Czech Rep, 9th century. The symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and a happy life. Product and copyright by Wulflund.

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Size: 2,7 x 3,5 cm
  • Weight: 6 g

Drawing of the original find:

Silver Slavic Viking Jewelry

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LUNITSA - EARRINGS, Great Moravian Empire, silver 925

Catalog number: FGJ139

Your Price: 36.00 €


Silver Slavic earrings inspired by an art style of the Moravia Magna Empire (9th century). These earrings can also be worn as a set with our Lunitsa necklace. Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good luck and happy life. Product and copyright by Wulflund.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 2.2 x 2.2 (3.9 cm with hooks)
  • Weight 8 g/pair


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Merovingian Silver and Garnet Cicada Brooch, 5th Century

Catalog number: SBR552

Your Price: 95.00 €


Merovingian Silver and Garnet Cicada Brooch, beautiful and accurate replica of a silver brooch dating back to the 5th century. Merovingians were a Frankish dynasty that ruled the Franks for nearly 300 years in a region known in Latin as Francia, beginning in the middle of the 5th century. They gained power at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.

  • Material: sterling silver and garnets
  • Size: 3.1 x 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 14.8 g

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LUNULA, women's early medieval pendant, Ag 925

Catalog number: FGJ134

Your Price: 37.00 €


Sterling Silver Lunula based on a find from Moravia Magna - Nitra, the 9th century, Slovakia. Symbol of Lunitsa (or Lunula - little moon) is a female symbol. Such jewels were worn by Slavic and Viking women. It is a symbol of fertility, good fortune and happiness.

You have a choice to select from different gemstones eg. ruby and sapphire from Burma - please see details.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size:  3.2 x 3.5 cm
  • Weight: 6 g

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Thor's Hammer - Silver, Öland, Sweden, replica Ag 925, 13 g

Catalog number: FGJ132

Your Price: 78.00 €


Elaborate replica of Thor's Hammer from Öland in Sweden. The pendant is hollow, you can order a full one as well.

Thor's Hammer, or Mjöllnir, is God Thor's magical weapon. The magical hammer is unbreakable, it always hits the target and then comes back to the owner's hand. The hammer flies through the sky in the form of a lightning. The word Mjöllnir means "grinder or crusher". To be able to handle the hammer Thor wears a pair of iron gloves and a strength belt. The mjöllnir amulets were worn by the Norse seamen and warriors.

  • Material: sterlig silver
  • Size: 3.2 x 4.3 cm
  • Weight approx.: 13 g

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VESNA, Slavic silver pendant, Moravia Magna Empire, Ag 925

Catalog number: FGJ121

Your Price: 48.00 €


A beautiful piece inspired by Slavic early Medieval finds of the Great Moravian Empire. Vesna is according to Slavic Mythology the Goddess of youth, life, beauty, love and the spring.

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size 3 x 3.7 cm, bale6 mm in diameter
  • Weight 9 g
  • On request we can place a gem of your choice in the centre of the pendant

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