Merovingian rose brooch, bronze

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High-quality replica of an Alemannic rosetta fibula. This beautiful medieval rosetta brooch was made after a Merovingian pair of Almandine disc brooches from the Bopfingen cemetery.

The historic original rosetta fibula, also known as an ammaldin disc brooch, was made in southern Germany and dated to the Merovingian period of the 6th century.

The dimensions of the almandine disc brooch are 3.5 x 0.8 cm.

Unlike the original almandine disc brooch, for reasons of cost, this fibula is not mounted with genuine Amaldinen-Cloisonne, but with red glass enamel.

On the back of the rosette fibula is a stable needle with a spring in the spiral, which gives the needle the necessary tension.

Almanda's original rosetta fibulae from Bopfingen were dark red gemstones that probably originally came from Sri Lanka and were then brought to Europe during the Merovingian period. Here the Amaldinas were further worked into jewellery by Frankish or Alemannic craftsmen.

The original Almandine disc brooches from Bopfingen can now be seen in the "Legendary Masterpieces" collection in the Old Palace in Bopfingen.

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