Mesolithic dagger - replica

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A dagger made from the leg bone of a deer, with a folded blade made of microblades. The engraved attern on this dagger is inspired by the decoration of a Russian find from the Olenyj Island cemetery. The mesolithic man had the dagger buried with him in a vertical position. Similar daggers are known from archaeological excavations in Northern Europe 5400 BCE. The fact that the daggers had a special symbolic value for Mesolithic hunters can be deduced from several facts. Hunters decorated their daggers with engraved patterns, sometimes placing daggers inside graves as personal equipment, some were found deliberately ritually damaged, thrown into lakes, others were found hundreds of kilometers away from where they were made due to trade. To avoid the need to repair the knife often, the microblades are sealed with modern putty, which has the sae appearance as resin mixtures or birch tar used in prehistory. The cord is braided by hand (twisted) from a linden bast.