Muurikka Black Carbon Steel Pan 30 cm, Finland

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Muurikka PRO carbon steel pan 30 cm

  • For grill, open fire and kitchen
  • Suitable for all hob types in the kitchen, also for oven
  • Thanks to the base structure of the pan, it will not warp when heating up
  • The carbon steel pan does not have a coating that would wear off
  • A long-lived pan with proper use and care
  • Non-stick properties will get better with use
  • The pan is excellently suited for browning with butter and oil, giving the food a delicious taste and crispy sear
  • Comes with a silicone handle guard
  • Top diameter 30 cm, pan base diameter 24.5 cm
  • Read the instructions for use carefully before use
  • Muurikka, Finland

Muurikka PRO Carbon Steel Pan is suited for use on a grill, open fire and oven. The pan resists high heat and use. The base structure of the pan ensures that oil spreads more evenly over the pan bottom.

Metal utensils can be used with it. PFOA/PTFE-free material, the pan does not have a coating that would wear off. With good care and seasoning, the surface of the pan will gain a natural non-stick surface, decreasing the need for care and improving the non-stick properties. The silicone handle guard must not be put in the oven.

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