RÜBEZAHL - Mountain Spirit, pendant, silver

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KRAKONOŠ (in Czech) or RÜBEZAHL (in German) -  Lord and protector of the Bohemian highest mountains - The Giant Mountains. The German name is Rübezahl, but the name is probably much older and is derived from the Celtic tribe Corconti, which Klaudios Ptolemaios mentions in his work. The first depiction of Krakonoš is associated with Martin Helwig's map of Silesia, which he published in 1561, where a figure with antlers and a staff in hand is shown next to the Sněžka Mountain. He changes forms and can be met as a hunter, miner, monk or in the form of various animals.

Krakonoš is a real spirit of the mountains, it remembers the different ethnicities that took turns here. Someone sees in him a spirit that has something in common with the Celtic Cernunn, others see in him a fairy-tale creature. But one thing is common - be good to him all!

  • Material: sterling silver
  • Weight cca 16g

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