SCHAFTOL oil for stocks and rifles, Classic light with sponge, 50ml

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With SCHAFTOL Holzöl, all natural woods, especially noble woods, antique antiques, furniture and casing can be ideally treated and treated. Use for stocks, knife blades and other woods.

  • Protection against moisture, mould and rot
  • Optimal for preserving porous wood
  • For restoring old wood
  • Wood is water resistant after treatment
  • Prevents wood from becoming rough and mottled
  • Suitable for all natural woods

SCHAFTOL comes from Scherell & Co. which has been around since 1834 and manufactured hunting and sporting guns. It was developed by Oswald Scherell in 1928.

SCHAFTOL has therefore been a well-established branded product for decades and is valued not only by a large number of quality gun owners, but also by restorers, gun makers and fine wood processors. It has been used for generations out of tradition and the belief that it is a very high quality product.

The reason is quite clear. SCHAFTOL is used only on the finest natural products in the highest degree of refinement. The SCHAFTOL anti-humidity complex offers optimum protection.

As it contains only natural ingredients, it is also safe in the sense of the Food Act and can be used on kitchen worktops and wooden tables.

SCHAFTOL-Holzöl is certainly the most important branded product today for the treatment of wood of all kinds, furniture and arms.

Our TIP: SCHAFTOL has been developed and can also be used in other areas, e.g. for the treatment of precious wood, valuable antiques and furniture.

Instructions for use

Apply SCHAFTOL in a thin layer to the stock or other wood with a linen cloth, (keep it in a closed glass container) rub sufficiently into the wood and allow to soak in.

Repeat this treatment for a second day. If the stock has stains, is rough or the surface is sealed, you can sand it with fine sandpaper (150 grit) until it is completely smooth again. Dampen the sanded areas with water or, better still, vinegar. After drying, smooth the sandpaper once more and then coat thoroughly with SCHAFTOL. When the SCHAFTOL has completely soaked into the wood, the wood or stock can be sanded again with sandpaper (400 grit) and painted again with SCHAFTOL.

The more often this procedure is repeated, the better the effect. In this way, the wood or stock regains its original appearance and a beautiful silky matt sheen and also remains well protected for a long time.

If you are painting a new wooden stock with SCHAFTOL for the first time, you should first warm up the SCHAFTOL slightly to +30 to +40°C and then rub it with a linen cloth.

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