2-3 weeks
(catalogue number: TTS7459)

Unique South Bohemian fishing tank top with the pun"Carpere Diem" (carp day) alluding to the famous Latin saying"Carpe diem", i.e. enjoy the day!

There is a lot of South Bohemian blood in us, so after fishing the Rožmberk pond in a pub in Třeboň, the idea was born :), to create a t-shirt combining passion for fish with history. Apart from carp, typical landscape, elements of Renaissance style taken from the portrait of Petr Vok, you can also find a five-leaved Rose of Rožmberk on the graphic.

All honour to the artist who combined fishing and local patriotism into one image.

  • sophisticated design
  • high quality printing
  • own production - Naav brand
  • Printed in the Czech Republic