Langmesser Myslejovice, XV. century, sharp replica

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A sharp replica of a Lange Messer (long knife) from the time period of the second half of the 15th Century - early 16th century. Made in a slightly extended version. Based on an archaeological find from a forest of the Myslejovice municipality estates – Prostějov district (Czech Republic, region of Moravia). Theoretically the original Lange Messer which served as a model for this product could be related to the later history of the historical village of Myslejovice (mentioned in written sources as early as 1267). During the Hussite wars (1419-1435) village passed from the property of the Augustinian monastery (destroyed during the Hussite wars)  in Prostějov to the estates of the Lords of Kravaře and Plumlov.

  • Total length: 73 cm
  • Blade length: 59,5 cm
  • Hilt length: 13,5 cm
  • Weight: 960 g

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