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Old Slavs / AXE OF PERUN, forged axe

AXE OF PERUN, forged axe

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This forged and decorated sharp axe was hand-made after a find of the Axe of Perun (pednant) in Poland. This axe was forged in the Czech Republic so it is really a Panslavic product :) Archaeological finds of these amulets are very common in many Slavic countries.

Axe is very sharp so do not use it during battle, it is a ritual axe with this wooden axe-helve and you can decorate this part of the axe by carvings (lightning, Gromoviti znaci etc.), metal parts. Slava Slovanum!

Size of the wooden part: 79 cm, metal part: 10 x 17 cm.


The photo of original Slavic archaeological find.


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AXE OF PERUN, forged axe
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