Norse Magic, tarot cards - by Kai Uwe Faust of the band Heilung

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Immerse yourself in the roots of Nordic spirituality. Jennie Appel and Dirk Grosser introduce you to Norse mythology in a unique way. They tell you stories of the origins of the world, of the many gods like Thor, Freyja and Loki, of exciting adventures and wisdom, of love, magic and battle. Embark on this journey that will awaken your senses and strengthen your basic confidence! Magical rituals for each card allow you to practice this spirituality. Kai Uwe Faust, founder of the "Heilung" band, has created fascinating illustrations that visualize the characters, actions and themes of the cards using ancient magical signs, called sigils. These magical images are ideal for rituals, small spells and as symbols for your spiritual practice.

49 cards (140 x 98 mm), book with approximately 144 pages, April 2024

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