SIGURD, long seax knife

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(catalogue number: KNI296)

Scramasax (seax) in a BLUNT version designed especially for re-enactment, including 2-year warranty, a SHARP one will be most appreciated outdoors. Blade from high carbon spring steel, you can buy a leather scabbard separately as well. This seax is not just a historical costume accessory! The Czech Arma Epona Smithy crafts functional scramasax replicas for various purposes.

  • Material 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel
  • Handle leather
  • Total length 62 cm
  • Blade length 50.5 cm
  • Weight 1 kg
  • Made by Arma Epona Smithy and Sword Maker
$90.63 Catalogue number: LBE135 4-6 weeks
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