Forged knives, medieval seax knives. The majority of the knives we carry are forged and quite a few of them are replicas of historic knives inspired by findings at different archaeological digs (especially our Slavic, Viking, and Celtic knives).

Kované historické nože

Knife is as old as humanity itself. The first specimens of knives were made from knapped flint or obsidian way back in the Palaeolithic Period. Since this time knives have become such a part of our daily lives that we almost always take them for granted. Still, these small and very useful objects have won their way into our affections, especially among those who still consider themselves “hunters and gatherers” in some sense. In the Czech Republic we say that “every real man has to have a knife with him,” though of course the ladies also find many uses for this most versatile tool and weapon. Which one from our collection will you choose?

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  • SEAX, pre-viking long knife, replica from Haithabu

    Catalogue number: KNI117
    Price: $233.82
    Availability: In stock
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    Exact copy of a PRE-VIKING Forged SEAX. Original blade incl. the guard was found in Haithabu (Hedeby) and comes from the 7th-8th century. Wooden handle is made from one piece. Blade: 54SiCr6 high carbron spring steel Hilt: wood Overall length: 61 cm Blade: 48.5 cm Max. width: 4 cm Weight…

    Catalogue number: KNI115
    Price: $120.07
    Price before discount: $132.71
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    Overall length approx. 40 cm, length of the blade approx. 26 cm. This sharp replica (made from high carbon spring steel 14 260) can be used also in modern times during your stay in the nature. Leather sheath included.
  • SEAX, hand forged long knife, antler, sharp replica

    Catalogue number: KNI113
    Price: $170.62
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    Hand Forged Early Medieval SEAX. This kind of weapon/tool was used during the Viking and Anglo-Saxon Age as a weapon and as an everyday tool. We manufactured this knife sharp for use in the outdoors. Material: 54SiCr6 high carbon spring steel, wood Overall length: 40 cm Blade width: 2.5 cm
  • Celtic Hand Forged Knife with Leather Sheath

    Catalogue number: KNI111
    Price: $82.15
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    Hand Forged Celtic Knife, versatile, suitable as a dining knife or a kitchen knife.

    • Material 54SiCr6 spring steel
    • Overall length approx. 20.5 cm
    • Blade length: 9.5 cm
    • Leather sheath included

    Catalogue number: KNI106
    Price: $42.97
    Availability: In stock
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    Hand forged knife, high carbon steel. Overall length approx. 19.5 cm, blade length: 10 cm.

  • Leather sheath for the little knife

    Catalogue number: KNI97
    Price: $21.49
    Availability: 1-2 weeks
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    Always order together with a knife of our offer. Sheath will be made to fit on knife.

  • Sheath for a large knife

    Catalogue number: KNI96
    Price: $24.01
    Availability: In stock
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    Always order together with a knife of our offer. Sheath will be made to fit on knife.


    Catalogue number: KNI89
    Price: $40.44
    Availability: In stock
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  • ROMAN KNIFE, forged replica

    Catalogue number: KNI81
    Price: $88.47
    Availability: 2 weeks
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    Replica of a ROMAN KNIFE. Hand forged knife with the total length of 16 cm (handle: 11 cm). Made in the Czech Rep.


    Catalogue number: KNI78
    Price: $208.54
    Availability: In stock
    Viking or Anglo-Saxon Seax Knife, blunt for re-enactment. Material high carbon spring steel 54SiCr6, leather Hardness approx. 55 HRC Riveted pommel Overall length 55 cm Blade length 40 cm Weight 0.85 kg
  • Long Celtic Knife, Oppidum of Manching, replica

    Catalogue number: KNI63
    Price: $92.26
    Availability: 2-3 weeks
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    Replica of a long Celtic (Iron Age) knife from the Oppidum of Manching (Bavaria, Germany). This oppidum was one of the largest settlements north of the Alps. Overall size circa 45 cm.

  • SHARPENING STONE, sandstone and shale

    Catalogue number: KNI54
    Price: $13.90
    Availability: In stock
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    Handmade Traditional Style Sharpenig Stone.

    • Material: granulated shale, coarse-grained sandstone, wood
    • Size: 2.5 x 17 cm
  • SHARPENING STONE - shale and sandstone

    Catalogue number: KNI40
    Price: $15.17
    Availability: In stock
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    Sharpenig stone with two different surfaces - fine granulated shale and coarse-grained sandstone for all types of knives, daggers, seaxes etc.

    • Size: 5 x 12 cm

    Catalogue number: KNI16
    Price: $11.37
    Availability: In stock
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    SHARPENING STONE with Wooden Container suitable for sharpening small knives such as Swiss pocket knives.

    • Length of stone: 10 cm

    Catalogue number: KNI07
    Price: $56.87
    Availability: In 1 week
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    Total lenght: 15 cm. Knife is hand-hammered and polished.


    Catalogue number: KNI09
    Price: $56.87
    Availability: In stock
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    Hand hammered practical knife. Lenght of blade: 9 cm.

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