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Catalog number: ARP01

Your Price: 150.00 €


Combat Gauntlets. One pair of high-quality gauntlets that are fully usable in battles. 1.0 mm thick steel., leather gloves are not included in price. Hand made in the Czech Republic. Our Bestseller.

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Catalog number: CJW88

Your Price: 14.00 €


Art Nouveau Earrings on Silver Plated Hooks, very light and airy design.

  • Material pewter, sterling silver
  • Size approx. 3.7 x 5.3 cm

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FLANNAGAN, woolen socks, Donegal, Ireland

Catalog number: SOC6

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Catalog number: JWA14

Your Price: 4.00 €


With this special jeweller's cloth you can polish your jewels by hand easily and quickly. It removes oxides of gold and silver. Do not use water. Size: 20 x 24 cm. Made in Germany.

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Celtic La Tene Forged Sword, reproduction

Catalog number: ASW28

Your Price: 260.00 €


CELTIC La Tene SWORD Reproduction of an Iron Age sword very close to the original artefacts. The sword design is simple and you can decorate the wooden guard and pommel with brass or iron nails to resemble the original ones. This sword is not influenced by fantasy or hallstatt-like swords. We specialize in Iron Age weapons so you can expect the best quality.

  • material oak wood, forged blade
  • overall length 87 cm
  • blade length 71 cm
  • width of pommel at the guard 5 cm
  • blade SHARP
  • we can also deliver blunt sword for re-enactment
  • manufacturer Wulflund

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BATTERSEA, luxury Brythonic jewel inspired by the find, gemstones, silver 925, 11 g

Catalog number: FGJ116

Your Price: 65.00 €


A luxurious silver Celtic pendant inspired by the ornaments of the so-called Battersea shield, found in the river Thames (England). The jewel may be worn by both men and women, its symbolism is clear - protection against everything of low energy in order for the soul and body to remain pure.

The Battersea Shield is one of the most significant Celtic art artefacts found in Britain. It is a bronze covering of originally a wooden shield, decorated in La Téne style.

  • Material: sterling silver, garnet - almandine
  • Size: 3.5 cm
  • Weight approx. 13 g

Battersea Shield Jewel Sutton Hoo

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AURYN, silver talisman, Ag 925

Catalog number: FGQ80

Your Price: 13.00 €


AURYN is a talisman from the novel Die Unendliche Geschicte (The Neverending Story). It also featured in the movie of the same title as a mystical necklace referenced as "The Gem - The Glory". 

  • Material sterling silver
  • Size approx. 2.0 x 3.0 cm
  • Weight approx. 3 

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Viking Age Costume Guide by Pieter J. Pierot

Catalog number: BCD107

Your Price: 19.50 €


Drawings and descriptions used herein were created for over 20 years by one of today's Jomsvikings. Knowledge, passion and experience intertwine to form clear and evocative images that will help anyone quickly and accurately find clues to the complex issue of the Viking Age costumes. This applies to both contemporary Vikings and to all lovers of history.

In English, 142 pages. Triglav.

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RODOPA I, woolen blanket

Catalog number: WTS14

Your Price: 69.00 €


High quality woolen blanket from the Balkans. Size: 150 x 200 cm.

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German horseman's axe, etched, replica

Catalog number: APW126

Your Price: 275.00 €


German Horseman's Axe decorated with etching, unique collectible replica, origin Southern Germany.

  • dangerous weapon not intended for reenactment
  • we can make blunt (for reenactment) on special request

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CELTIC WARRIOR'S SET - sword, scabbard, belt, museum replica

Catalog number: ASW51

Your Price: 550.00 €


CELTIC WARRIOR SET includes Celtic La Tene Sword, Iron Scabbard, Forged and Leather Belts. The sharp sword is of collector's and museum quality. Handcrafted in the fatherland of the Celtic Boii tribes, Bohemia (Czech Republic).

  • material oak wood and forged blade
  • overall length 87 cm
  • blade length 71 cm
  • width of pommel at the guard 5 cm
  • manufacturer: Wulflund

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Halishte, traditional Balkan rug, 125 x 125 cm

Catalog number: WTS21

Your Price: 290.00 €


Halishte is a unique hand-woven rug. It is exceptionally warm and can be used as a carpet, a bed or a sofa cover, or a wall decor. It is made from wool of a special breed of sheep from the Balkan Mountains. Individual locks of wool are woven into a base fabric giving halishte better thermal insulating properties than a sheep skin. Halishte has had a long tradition in the Balkan region and in the past was considered a symbol of wealth.

Halishte can be used both in an interior or an exterior. It will also look amazing in a tent of a Celtic Chieftain, Roman Centurion as well as a Viking Jarl or a Medieval nobleman.

  • Size: 125 x 125 cm
  • Imported by Wulflund

Care: you can hoover the rug on a low setting, hand wash, max 25 °C.

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Graphite Box Check, woolen scarf, Ireland

Catalog number: WTS27

Your Price: 24.00 €


At Foxford we have combined 200 years of craftsmanship and expert weaving with the best of modern Irish design to create a range of scarves of superb quality, luxury, warmth and style. The bestselling classic range uses a palette of grey, mink and natural white in architectural patterns. Seen here in white spot on grey, in super soft lambswool.

Wool Type: Lambswool

Dimensions: 180 x 30 cm

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PETRONELA, amber, earrings, sterling silver

Catalog number: SBR330

Your Price: 47.00 €


Luxury Sterling Silver Earrings with Baltic Amber. Modern design and quality workmanship.

  • Size: 1.3 x 6.5 cm (without hooks)
  • Weight approx. 4 g/pc

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Dino Battle T-Shirt The Mountain

Catalog number: TTS225

Your Price: 25.00 €



Manufacturer: The Mountain, USA.

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AMBRA, amber, silver earrings

Catalog number: SBR377

Your Price: 35.00 €


Luxury Sterling Silver Earrings with Baltic Amber. Modern design and high quality workmanship.

  • Material: sterling silver, amber
  • Size: 1 x 2.5 cm (without hooks).

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WERA, amber pendant, sterling silver

Catalog number: SBR388

Your Price: 26.00 €


Luxurious Sterling Silver Pendant with Baltic Amber. Modern design and high quality workmanship.

  • Size: 2 x 4 cm
  • Weight approx 4 g

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Celtic Necklace, Borotice, glass beads, replica

Catalog number: CJW148

Your Price: 45.00 €


This Celtic torc is inspired by a find from Borotice, Moravia, Czech Republic. La Tene Age.

  • Material: brass, glass

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